Established in 2014, Localicious® Hawai‘i is a year-long marketing campaign organized by the Hawai‘i Agricultural Foundation (HAF) that recognizes restaurants and businesses dedicated to supporting Hawai‘i’s agriculture and fishing industries. Localicious® will also help raise funds for HAF’s K-12 ag education programs in public schools that work to grow the next generation of farmers, ranchers, and fishermen for our state. Since 2014, HAF has served over 27,000 students at 151 schools statewide.

The goals of the campaign are to 1) support local businesses that buy from our local farmers, ranchers and fishermen, 2) create an opportunity for visitors to contribute to our local economy, 3) help create more demand for our local ag and fishing industries, 4) provide credible information to the public on how they can help Hawai‘i in its efforts to support local ag and diversify our economy.

Let’s come together to support ag education for our keiki and cultivate the next generation of agribusiness professionals for the sustainability of our islands. Check out the list of participating restaurants and businesses below.



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